Dear friends. In today’s article, I will share quite colorful and various shawl models that I am sure you will like very much. Today I am sharing 15 different models with you. While some models are plain and plain, you may find a lot of embroidery on some models. Patterns are completely free. You can reach free patterns with the link I have provided. In some shawl models, you will be able to see that there are many colors. I want to leave the rest of the subject to you without comment too much. If you have anything to ask, please contact me. The most beautiful aspect of this type of crochet pattern is that it can be made in different shapes and sizes. However, in line with the new developments, I decided to make some changes. Now I want to deal with some amigurumi patterns. I will be with you shortly with brand new patterns. These will usually be free amigurumi patterns.

#1 Loretta Shawl Pattern

Shawls are wonderful, don’t you think? They work well to keep you cold when it’s getting a bit chilly outside but they also work well as a scarf, with a variety of ways of styling them. Don’t you just love it? And with the Loretta Shawl, you’ve got that great triangle shape coupled with texture and (optional) fun fringe.

You may sell all finished products made from this pattern; however you may not share, sell, or distribute this pattern in any way, in whole or in part. I would greatly appreciate a link back to my shop or this pattern anytime you sell this item online.

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