15 Fabulous Crochet Cardigans and Patterns

Dear friends. I love you all. Welcome to my post today. Today we will examine very beautiful crochet cardigan models with you. I share 15 beautiful patterns with you. First of all, I would like to thank the creators who prepared these designs with a great effort and time. Really, very different designs have emerged. If you look at the rest of the article, you will see that I share different cardigan models with you. Each person’s point of view is different. Compared to this, it may differ in the models it likes. My favorite is generally long and shabby models. I especially love cardigans with large pockets. I will continue to share my own recipes in my future articles. I hope you like. Dear friends. You can make such blankets in a crochet doll pattern if you wish. This is yet to be discovered by many women. however, such accessories for amigurumi toys are preferred recently.

#1 Grainne Pocket Cardigan Pattern

The Grainne crochet cardigan is the perfect fall cardigan. I’ve had so many requests to design a cardigan with pockets, something cozy for breezy fall days, but something that’s easy enough to do.

This everyday crochet cardigan was designed with five panels, the back, two fronts and two sleeves. All panels are worked from the bottom up starting with a ribbed hem or a ribbed sleeve cuff.

When all the panels are done they are sewn together using your preferred stitch, i.e. mattress stitch or whip stitch etc, then the ribbed neckline is created. Once most of the cardigan is created, we move on to making the super trendy pockets. Each pocket is created with a fold over the rib and is secured with a button. I get so many questions on how to make buttonholes so I guess this pattern gives you some learning on how to do it.

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