In today’s article, I want to talk about sweaters. Sweater models are very difficult to knit crochet models. It takes a lot of time compared to a hat. It requires quite a lot of material. And of course, most importantly, it needs to be perfect for your body or the body of the person you knit. For this, the most necessary thing for you is a really beautiful and detailed pattern. If the pattern is not prepared in detail, the thing you will knit may not look nice. Color is of course important, but it is an important criterion in symmetry as well as color. You can easily choose whatever you want among 15 different sweater models that I shared today. Very successful recipes, all prepared by highly skilled designers. I hope you will like it.

#1 Pull à torsades Sweater Pattern

A mix of cables on a structured sweater, this is the favorite model of the experts. We like the MAGIC + yarn which gives a nice relief to all the fancy stitches. The long ribbed edges and the high collar that tighten the rather loose body give character to this model. It is knitted on needles size 5 and 5.5, you will also need a cable needle and marker rings to make it easier.

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