22 Best Different Crochet Blanket Patterns

When you think of crocheted blankets, don’t think of only the blankets you took while you were sleeping on the sofa. You can change the size of these crochet blankets to make them fit for any purpose. You can knit a crocheted blanket for your baby or for our animals that are our cute friends. First of all, the color selection should definitely be suitable for the decoration of the house. Everyone loves very vibrant colors. You also like it. However, if dark colors are dominant in your home, I do not recommend you to choose models with too many colors as you can see in the picture. Or you can knit in that way by changing the colors. Now, without further ado, I am leaving you alone with 22 wonderful blanket patterns. I will explain a few new techniques for you. The first of these is amigurumi. You can make blankets in crochet dolls. Especially doll amigurumi patterns are very popular lately.

Polka Dot Blanket Free Pattern

This pattern was one of those “oh I love this speckled yarn. What can I do with its moments? I bought the yarn and had no idea what I was going to do with it. I got home and looked through my stash. of yarn to see what colors would go with it and I realized, I wanted to make a blanket with brightly colored polka dots all over it. So, here is my polka dot blanket!

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