Colorful Big Flower Free Crochet Hat Easy Pattern
I shared a wonderful crochet hat pattern for those who love flowers and want to feel flowers at every moment of their lives. Welcome to our hat article. Read the very brief designer notes to get started on that crochet hat pattern you like. We will work using 8mm thick crochet hook. We’ll start from the top of the hat. Let’s crochet the top part in three or four rows. Next we will create small squares. Five rows will be sufficient. You can increase or decrease one row. It was the first step of your completed hat. Finally, we will prepare the flower detail. Let’s prepare the flower with the same free crochet patterns hook thickness. Using two colors of thread on the flower will make it look much more beautiful. Seal the flower to the side of the hat with an invisible stitch. When using the hat, the flower will come to the side of your head.