Bohemian Granny Square Crochet Blanket Free Pattern (2)

Hello my dears. Today I prepared a beautiful pattern for you and I am sure you will love it! This design, which includes many different colors and will warm you with its wonderful figures, will be a really challenging design, but when it is finished, it will be a design that will not be able to take everyone’s eyes away. We see that black color is used for the frame part and the parts connecting all the figures. Each square figure is the same as the other, but each one is different in color and is put together last.

This pattern is called bohemian granny square. If you have yarn of different colors, it will be a really great example to evaluate them. Thus, you will both use the extra colors you have and have this beautiful blanket. You can find all the materials required for this design, which will be admired by everyone who sees it, in the materials section. If you want to try the bohemian granny square crochet blanket pattern, you can click on the free link below.

DROPS DELIGHT from Garnstudio
250 g color no 10, olive/rust/plum mix
50 g color no 08, green/beige mix
50 g color no 09, turquoise/purple mix
50 g color no 11, lilac/green mix