15 Wonderful Crochet Cardigan Pattern For Winter

#11 Granny Gifts Cardigan Pattern

First of all, my dear esteemed friends, hello to all of you. If you are reading this article, you are probably my friend. Because I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know me will enter my blog. Actually, I must say that I started this as a hobby. I have a lot of time after work. I’m trying to pass the time. While I was trying to do something different lately, I thought of opening a blog and writing and sharing articles about crochet and knitting which is my biggest hobby. I put this into action with the help of a friend. Of course, I do not understand web site design. Thank you very much to Kevin who helped me with this. He himself did his best for me. And now I’m starting to write on a blog. First of all, I am with you with 15 different cardigan models. As you know, cardigans are a very compelling clothing model. Especially large and long cardigans can bore you. So you’d better start by finding an easier pattern for yourself.

The Granny Gifts cardigan is a one-piece crochet sweater pattern in five sizes. It uses a granny stitch variation with minimal shaping. The result: an easygoing, cozy layer that is quick to work up and fantastic for gifting or for wearing yourself!
Note: the medium size of this design is available as a free download. The full pattern with details for all five sizes is available as part of a paid upgrade.

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