Triangle Summer Halter Top Crochet Free PDF Pattern

Hello my dears, today I have prepared a very different design example for you. I hope you will like this pattern, which has a very different design with its triangular lacing detail. How would you like to examine the halter top sample, which has a beautiful design to use in the summer months? The color tone chosen for this ecru design is also very suitable. We usually do not prefer black tones on summer days. White, ecru and light colors are perfect summer colors. They also pair great with denim shorts.

This design does not have a tight fit that hugs the body. Larger and more abundant. Moreover, although the upper parts are made with frequent needles, the lower parts are again designed with a perforated structure. In this way, it is impossible to sweat with this crochet halter top that does not stick to you. Again, in our example in the picture, we see that the design is supported by a gold necklace. If you like this beautiful pattern combined with loose denim shorts and you want to try it, you can click on the free pdf link.

Designer: Flexible Fashions

1 & ¾ Balls #10 Cotton Crochet Thread (For a Bust Size of 32 in.)
Steel Crochet Hook (Any size you like. I prefer a Boye 2.75mm.)
Measuring Tape
Sewing Needle (Optional)
Sewing Thread (Optional)
¼ Meter of Cotton Fabric (Any Fabric With “Give”) (Optional)