47+ This Year Crochet Shawl Pattern Ideas for 2020


If you know the basics of working with square brackets, there are many things you can focus on with your crochet skills and add various things to your wardrobe. Caps, hats, scarves, self-made foot warmers, slippers – all of this can be knitted at home, not only to protect against cold bumps, but also to add style to your stylish personality. In addition to all the items above, there is another fun and functional thing you can knit at home and enjoy many benefits. And it’s a shawl that you can wear around you, tie it on your shoulders or simply hold it on your upper body with your hands and immediately put on a dress.

It will also protect your body from colds and bring comfort and armament. Our use is so versatile that we decided to bring you some great crochet shawls that we have gathered all over the network for you to see the best. So, to all the ladies, take a look at these 25 models of DIY shawls to choose what suits you best and face the colorful threads and hooks.


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