49+ This Crochet Scarf Patterns Best of 2020


Before leaving for Australia, I wanted to try my first DIY fashion. Cards on the table, I’m the last person to make clothes. I hate going to the fabric store because I spend more money on fabric than if I went out and bought everything I wanted. And as I have the shortest attention time, I always lose interest until the end of the project. Appendix A: all my half-finished covers.

However, I desperately needed a scarf. I saw them in the shops and on the Internet, and they gave me a t-shirt. I love the boho-chic and vibrant colors and I usually leave the house with too many mixed prints. It makes my husband crazy.

Start by putting a scarf on your shoulders. Make sure the ends are the same length. Then use the pins to do the sleeves. You can make the sleeves as tight or loose as you like. I used my hips as a guide and pinned the corner of the front fold to the bottom of the rear fold closest to the hip. This gives you loose and smooth sleeves. Repeat on the other side.


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