6 Sweet Crochet Blanket Patterns and ideas 2020


I love making baby blankets and Caron Cotton Cakes was just exceptional for this one. I named the Hydrangea baby blanket because of the color I chose for this blanket and it is truly beautiful.

If you haven’t reviewed Caron Cotton Cakes yet, I really urge you to do so! Take 2 cakes and create this yarn heavy blanket to make a matching hat or other item.

This blanket uses a very simple construction and is made from single and double crochets only. It uses a stitch called the Lemon Peel Stitch, which is simply an alternating sc and dc.


I have loved this stitch for a long time. I’ve seen it online and wanted to use it before, but it quickly got lost on my favorite stitch Pinterest board.

Then one night my hubs and I were together at Books a Million on a parenting night out and I came across my new favorite stitch dictionary: 500 Crochet Stitches, The Ultimate Stitch Bible.

Oh wow. I love this book. I could sew from him forever! And there was a variation of the diamond crochet stitch there! I practiced on a sample and was ready to go.


One of the things that has really helped me during this time is crocheting. I know it might sound silly, but focusing on my projects (after my family, of course!) Has really helped me stay sane.

I never wanted to homeschool my children and this experience has shown me how difficult it really is. Hats off to all homeschooling moms! Getting them to do their work can sometimes be very difficult (except for my oldest son, who loves it!).

I am very grateful to have my centers at home to help. We split the two mediums and try to keep the two-year-old entertained from being on everyone’s projects.


The Simply Chunky even comes in a 5 ball value pack! That means you can get all the yarn you need for this project at a discount. This is what I did when grabbing the thread for this project.

Since I knew exactly how many skeins I had, I decided to work the body of the blanket with four of the skeins and save one skein for the edge. It worked perfectly and I still had a bit of the last skein left.


So many beautiful blankets of the same pattern. I remember sitting with my graph paper for days trying to figure out how to make this blanket work too. I really wanted a steeper peak and deeper valleys than the patterns I had been seeing. I also really like to knit the last stitches together. It seemed to give a neater appearance to the edges.

I am not a mathematician at all! I really had to figure this out and practice a lot of samples to get it right. I’m pretty sure it’s correct now, simply because so many of you have made this chevron and shared your finished blankets with me.

I used a large 6mm hook to do the afghan. If you go down a hook size or two, your stitch will have more definition, but your afghan will have a little less drape. Using a cotton thread can also make the texture stand out more. The choice is yours, but be sure to adjust your starting chain for the new gauge.

This afghan will also look gorgeous in one color. Texture is all you need to make this afghan the most coveted accessory for your living room. Now let’s go directly to the pattern.





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