49+ Sweet Crochet Blanket Patterns and ideas 2020


Knitted blankets are a popular choice for sewing because of their versatility. They can be made in any style, any thread density, almost any size. All knitted blankets will keep you and your loved ones at ease, allowing you to feel good about making and using. Fifteen crochet patterns illustrate the variety and possibilities inherent in this type of project.

Some of the most popular crochet cover designs are striped, and a favorite variation of this striped chevron. This free sample illustrates this classic design in bold and bold colors. It’s called gay wave cover, and you’ll feel that greeting as soon as you start working on it. This is a project designed for fun!

For a really fun touch on a strip of herringbone, learn to do it using the hook from one corner to another. This free baby blanket template teaches you how. A design that you can easily develop to make other sizes of covers. The thick texture is very comfortable and the design is super chic.


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