12 Lovely Crochet Dress patterns for Women

Guys, we will examine 12 very beautiful dress patterns today. Some of them will be crocheted and some will be recipes designed with knitting method. First of all, it is not possible for me to publish all of these contents. The designers rightly do not allow this. That’s why I’m giving you the link of the designers. You can access the dress pattern you like by clicking the download pattern button below. For more, you can click on the dresses tab in the categories section to find more dress models. You can also find crochet patterns in multiple categories on my site.

#1 Cozy Cabled Sweater Dress Pattern

When I saw that velvet yarn was making a comeback, I got so excited! I had a few knit velvet pullovers back in the 90’s, and they were my favourite things to wear. So naturally, when the new velvet yarns came out, I knew I would have to design a sweater.
This sweater dress features a simple design, with a wide, bold cable running down the front. It pairs beautifully with leggings or skinny jeans. And the length is fully customizable, so you can make it a typical pullover length, or even a cropped sweater!

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#2 Dress Pattern

As part of my New Year’s resolution to stop dropping creative pursuits in the name of career stay-afloatiness, I’m finally uploading Cecilia. (Note: I’ve worn her on at least 1 occasion since finishing her sometime this past summer, and she seems to have worked out quite well!)

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#3 Minna Dress Pattern

This knitted dress is part of a capsule wardrobe designed by Sari Nordlund, comprising nine designs perfectly compatible with each other. The capsule wardrobe concept was introduced in Britain in the 1970’s, and has recently regained popularity as fashion consumption slowly shifts in a more sustainable direction.
The collection is named Oodi, and each garment is named after a Finnish female writer. Minna Canth was a 19th century novelist and playwright, whose works often adressed women’s rights.

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#4 Oakley Jumper Dress Pattern

This pattern is written in US & UK terminology. Two files are included, you choose which one to download after purchase.
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK or any DK/light worsted weight yarn
I used a 5mm hook.
The pattern is suitable for intermediate crocheters.
I chose a colour block yoke and stripes throughout the body, but the Oakley Jumper Dress is big on texture, both the yoke and the main body have plenty of texture, so if a solid colour is more your thing, than this dress will still look great.

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#5 Breezy Beach Dress Pattern

The Crochet Breezy Beach Dress is the comfortable and relaxed beach cover-up you’ve been dreaming of. With easy stitch work, fun color-playing and made with cotton yarn, it is just the summer project you need for relaxed days at the beach or by the pool.
This design is an EASY LEVEL crochet pattern and uses chain, double crochet, double crochet 2 together, skips, slip stitch and foundation double crochet. It is made by making 2 panels, top-bottom and sewing the sides, then adding to the back panel and adding the straps.

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#6 Parisian Dress Pattern

Meet the Parisian Dress—this summer crochet pattern would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe! This dress features a form-fitting single crochet top, plus a flowy lace skirt.
Inside you will find instructions written in US crochet terms. (But you must already know the basics of crochet.)

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#7 Idlewild Dress Pattern

With over 12 pattern combinations, you’ll choose your own crochet adventure with the option to customize the bodice length, the skirt length and the sleeve style of this pattern. Make a dress, tunic or peplum top that you can layer and dress up or down year round.
Or follow the children’s pattern to make a perfect handmade celebration dress, flower girl dress or simply, the most adorable peplum top your little one has ever skipped off to school in.

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#8 Sandy Shore Cover Up Dress Pattern

The Sandy Shore Cover Up pattern is crocheted with Lion Brand’s Ribbonaire yarn. It is an ultra light yarn that is made of a polyester/nylon blend. It also has a gorgeous two-tone effect that is very eye catching.

This is a beginner pattern that uses very basic stitches such as single and double crochet. Knowledge of making single crochet decreases is required. Very little sewing is required for this pattern. There is a hood that is included in the pattern but is completely optional. Construction is fairly easy as well

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#9 Kleid im Zackenmuster Dress Pattern

Beach or going out dress? The slit tunic can be both. Zigzag ribs and the straight shape are perfect for the figure – and wonderfully easy to knit.

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#10 Temperature Dress Pattern

I love the idea of marking an important year with a temperature blanket, but living in Hawaii means wonderful, warm weather year round that makes it hard to find use for a blanket. So instead I wrote a pattern for a temperature dress, one that is equally good for lounging around on the beach, shopping, and going out with friends/my husband. The year I chose is my birth year, and the colors are all yarn from my stash I’ve been wanting to get rid of. I think this makes a good sentimental stash buster.

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#11 Tunisian Chill Dress Pattern

The Tunisian Chill Cover Up is an intermediate level Tunisian crochet design, or for the adventurous beginner!
It is constructed in one piece from the bottom up, so you are decreasing and making it smaller as you go, which means the hardest and longest parts are at the beginning!
I have included video tutorials for how to do the stitches so you’ll be flying through this cover up in no time!

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#12 Long Time Dress Pattern

The design of this Long Time Dress is modern and the construction is simple. First we are working the top and then we will continue the dress with the skirt.
For the top we will work the back panel and front panel separately and then sew the panels on sides. We will join the panel on the shoulders with collar.
On the front panel we will let a space for the buttons line and then we will work it with the collar. Buttons line and collar are worked in one single piece.
After finishing the top we will work the skirt in circular rounds following the same stitch pattern as for the top. Before starting the skirt, you can make one more round in double crochet to make some increases if you want your skirt to be wider than the rest of the top.

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