47+ Stylish Crochet Scarf Patterns for 2020


My favorite season is when the weather is mild enough for the diapers, but not too cold to need a jacket … which happens most of the year here in our new PNW house. I love it!

This shawl shawl is perfect for such a favorite weather. It is a good size to be thrown over your shoulder as a pseudo-jacket or to disperse in a thick scarf.

Its light mesh texture is due to the really fun triangular hook point. At first, it will look like a complicated line, but as soon as you master it, it will be simple. I also like it because it seems to me less monotonous than the main stitches. You’ll understand what I mean …

My photos show finished lines, so you can see the texture a bit better. The texture will be difficult to see for the first lines of the pattern, but keep moving. It gets better and easier to manage at every row.




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