16 Stylish Crochet Cardigans and Patterns Ideas

#4 Gilet V Cardigan Pattern

It has been a while since the first crochet cardigan position was written. I haven’t written for a long time. Nobody visits my site because I just opened my blog. This causes a little low motivation in me. Now I have to say this first. These contents do not belong to me. Patterns, all made by other designers. Creating a cardigan pattern requires you to have a really good skill. Even designing a plain cardigan is quite difficult. It is not really morally ethical in using other people’s patterns. Instead, I found it appropriate to share the designs in this way. I hope you will like it. In this second position I will share 16 different patterns with you. I hope you will like it.

Simple and sleek in shape, everything is played in the twist. This model for a skilled knitter is made with a PURE DOUCEUR yarn – 58% Mohair – 37% Polyamide – 5% Wool and a PARADOU yarn: 41% acrylic – 37% cotton – 11% linen – 10% viscose and 1% polyester. It is knitted in 1/1 rib, purl stockinette stitch and cable stitch on needles 5.5 and 7. Use 2 cable needles to make it easier for you to make the cables. 5 pearly buttons Ø 20 mm close the waistcoat. Discover our wide range of buttons in the accessories category – locking system

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Notice: Some Patterns maybe deleted because copyright. Sory for about that.



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