16 Stylish Crochet Cardigans and Patterns Ideas

#2 Gardénia Cardigan Pattern

It has been a while since the first crochet cardigan position was written. I haven’t written for a long time. Nobody visits my site because I just opened my blog. This causes a little low motivation in me. Now I have to say this first. These contents do not belong to me. Patterns, all made by other designers. Creating a cardigan pattern requires you to have a really good skill. Even designing a plain cardigan is quite difficult. It is not really morally ethical in using other people’s patterns. Instead, I found it appropriate to share the designs in this way. I hope you will like it. In this second position I will share 16 different patterns with you. I hope you will like it.

Gardénia is a very aromatic white flower on a dark and dense green bush. Is very common in Portuguese gardens and I found their very beautiful.
Gardénia is the wintery version of Verbena. Is knitted with an exquisite yarn, Silk 4 Milk a blend of milk fibers, silk and cashmere.
It is knitted seamlessly from the top down, with raglan shaping and a cables and lace panel in the back. In the armhole, sleeve stitches will be put on hold while you continue to work the rest of the body of the cardigan. Once the body has been completed you will pick up your sleeves stitches and knit your sleeves down towards the cuff. The neckband and button bands are knitted over picked-up stitches along the edges of the cardigan.

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Notice: Some Patterns maybe deleted because copyright. Sory for about that.



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