18 Stylish and Cool Crochet Dresses Patterns

In today’s article, I will try to share very simple and summer crochet dress models. However, you can see it in winter models. While browsing the blog sites, I could not stop without adding winter clothes that I liked very much. Just pick your favorite among these 18 cute dress patterns and say download the pattern. The story of this topic is actually a little different. While I was completing the exact location, I saw the number 18 pattern on the last blog. I liked it so much that I could not explain it and started knitting. I will share the picture of you when I complete the last model, which is a crochet dress. I hope you like it when you see the dress on me. One of my most magical hobbies lately is making lace dresses in this way. I have recently started to do this for doll amigurumi patterns as well. Crochet amigurumi patterns look pretty cute and I love sewing dresses to them.

#1 Audrey Dress Pattern

The Audrey Crochet Dress is a fitted and flared crochet dress with elegant short sleeves for additional coverage. The sleek and stylish silhouette creates an extremely versatile piece, while the short sleeves and loose skirt make it perfect for summer. The entire dress is one piece as it is crocheted in the round from the neck down and there are no extra seams to attach the dress (yay!). Since this is a turn down collar / raglan crochet pattern, it is very easy to modify to make this dress fit your body. I have also written instructions for a waist belt; I always love a bit of waist definition, but it’s completely optional.

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