Spring Pink Crochet Shawl Free Pattern (2)

Hello guys, I want to share with you a wonderful crochet shawl pattern that will warm you up with colorful rainbow colors. It is really difficult to make the wave figures in the paisley pattern that we will examine today. However, we see that it is applied very well and it is a great shawl design to use in spring. It may seem confusing to you that so many different colors are used in this design, where you can find any color you are looking for. Therefore, you are free to choose the colors you want.

In this pattern, which is predominantly pink, it is striking that the dark blue color tone is preferred as the frame on the edges of the shawl. This design, which I think you will prefer especially during seasonal transitions, is definitely very fashionable. If you want to try the spring pink crochet shawl pattern, you can reach the details for free by clicking the link below.

Designer: Bernat Design Studio

Bernat® Cotton-ish™ by Vickie Howell (70 g/2.4 oz; 258 m/282 yds) shown in Lemon Twill (85620) 2 balls