Scrappy Blue Summer Bucket Hat Crochet Free Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, today we will examine a very nice bucket line together. In fact, this hat, which has a blue color, seems to contain different colors due to the yarn used. Because a mixed color yarn is preferred. We see that a flat model is preferred in this design in which blue and its tones are exhibited. Maybe a bow would be nice. You can add a white or blue bow if you wish.

Using a flower figure can also be nice. Maybe you can animate your bucket hat design by making a tiny daisy of white and yellow colors. This design, which you can easily use in the summer months, will also be compatible with many of your outfits. If you also like the scrappy summer crochet bucket hat pattern and would like to try it, you can get the details by clicking the free link.

Color: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Weight: 4/medium – 170 yds, 3.5 oz
Navy [761-110] Succulent [761-116E] Mint [761-156] Jade [761-178C] Aqua [761-102A]