Rainbow Neat Ripple Crochet Blanket Free Pattern (2)

How are you my dears? Today, I have prepared a blanket pattern for you that will warm you up. This pattern will make you so happy that you will be happy as soon as you see it. That’s why I’m sure you like it the moment you see the picture and want to try it right away. We see that white color is used for the outer frame of the blanket. In the pattern designed as wavy, different color tones are used for each wave. In fact, a nice harmony is achieved by using different tones of similar colors in sequence.

In this design, where you can see many different tones of dominant colors such as yellow, pink, blue, green and orange, the picture taken on the sofa looks really nice. You can also use this design as a TV blanket and keep it for your guests. Let’s face it, making blankets is a very laborious task and will take time. But I definitely think this pattern will be worth the effort. You can access the details of the rainbow neat ripple crochet blanket for free from the link below.

Crochet Hook
Stitch marker