Halter Top with Stripes Free Crochet Pattern

Hello beauties, today is a new day! On this new day, I prepared a beautiful pattern that will warm you up with its brand new and vibrant colors. I hope you will like it. I am very excited to examine the striped halter top pattern, which has very different figures, together. As you can see from our example in the picture, this design, which also has a gathering feature, will be a legendary crochet halter top example, especially for women who have a fit appearance. Moreover, you can combine it with everything.

The striking colors in this pattern, which we see combined with white jeans; white, yellow, orange and pink. Although it contains colors that suggest that they are opposite when used together, you will be surprised how they fit together. In particular, seeing how well the combinations fit into this pattern will perhaps inspire you to try this pattern right away. If you like this design with the collection feature, you can download it by clicking the free pdf link.

Designer: DROPS Design

DROPS Paris from Garnstudio
150-200-200 g colour no17, off-white
50 g of each of the following colours for all sizes:
No 20, light rose, no 25 moss green, no 26 beige, no 33 dark rose, no 45 orange