Green Gingham Crochet Square Blanket Free Pattern (2)

Hello guys, today we will review the green gingham crochet blanket. I am sure that it will immediately attract you with its wonderful colors. Yes, I liked it too. Let’s examine it together. I found a wonderful looking blanket for you, which you can throw on while you sleep in the summer or cover you while watching a movie with a hot drink in your hand in the winter. In this design, in which a dark shade of white and green is used, the way the colors are applied to the blanket is truly an art.

In some places, we can directly see the dark tone of green. However, in some places we see a pale green tone blended with white tones. I admit that these figures, which are also called basket patterns, are a bit difficult to make. But I also think it would make a really great gift. A blanket you have made with all this effort will be more valuable than any other gift you will give. If you want to reach the details of the green gingham crochet square blanket pattern, you can check the link below.

3 skeins each of Caron Simply Soft in White, Soft Pink, and Strawberry.
H- crochet hook, J- crochet hook
Tapestry needle to weave in the ends.