Granny Square Bucket Hat Free Crochet Pattern (2)

I am with you with a granny square bucket line that you will love. The bucket hat, which is preferred by using a pale red shade, also known as the tile color, will take you back to the past and will fit perfectly with your new hat style. The flower figures in the middle of the hat are quite magnificent. There is really a great deal of craftsmanship in this part. I would like to talk a little bit about these figures in particular.

Among the figures used in the middle of the hat, the main color tone is brown. This color tone goes well with the overall hat. Pink and red are used for flower figures. At the very tip of the hat, we can see that a different atmosphere is added to the design by using four rows of yellow tones. I hope you will like this pattern, which I think is a good example for bucket hats that will be very fashionable this year. If you want to try the granny square bucket hat crochet pattern, you can reach the details from the link below.

• Lion Brand Pima Cotton (Weight: 4/medium – 186 yds, 3.5 oz/100 g)
– Color A: Mademoiselle [762-184P] – 2 balls (approx. 115 g)
– Color B: Pewter [762-152B] – 1 ball (approx. 12 g)
– Color C: Mineral Yellow [762-159S] – 1 ball (approx. 16 g)