Easy Tote Beach Bag Free Crochet Pattern (1)

Hello my friends, today I want to show you a wonderful bag design that will warm you up with its vibrant colors and dazzle you with all its beauty. How about examining this bag design, which has wonderful colors that are close to each other but definitely complement each other. In this pattern, where we see the use of dark green, light green, water green, yellow and white colors, the harmony of colors is definitely the first point that draws attention.

Spaces are left evenly in the pattern. However, we cannot say that the frequent needle technique is used. Handrails were used while making this design. If you want more detailed information, you can find the materials used in the materials section. The hangers are designed as two arm hangers. If you are enchanted by this bag design with its eye-catching colors and you want to try the tote beach crochet bag pattern, you can reach the details from the link below.

Designer: Cathy Phillips

Hooks: G for Bag and F for Straps
Yarn: 640-670 yard worsted weight [525 yds main color; 138 yds 2nd color] Gauge: 20 sc = 4 in and 19 rows sc = 4 in.