Easy Beach Tote Crochet Bag Free Pattern (2)

I want to show you a great suggestion for beach bags. I am sure that you also love to use tote bags on the beach and on the beaches. I have shown you a few bag patterns with very beautiful designs on this subject before. The tote beach bag pattern that we will examine today is designed in completely white color. Having a thick single shoulder strap is a nice feature that makes it different from other bags.

This pattern, which has a really simple design, is so easy to make, believe me, you will not have any difficulties. You will make and finish the bag with the same figure with completely flat figures. Even having a single hanger will make your job much easier. Imagine attaching a sweet ribbon to one side of the hanger and leaving it long downwards. I think it would be great. If you like the easy beach tote crochet bag pattern and you want to try it, you can learn the details by clicking the free link below.

Vanna’s Glamour® (Article #861)
2 colors, 3 balls each (6 balls total)
Diamond & Platinum
Crochet Hook – Size I-9