Crochet Skull Shawl Free Pattern (2)

hello my dears, today i want to show you a beautiful pattern that you can use on halloween. In general, we see that black color is used in such designs on Halloween. However, purple and white colors are used in this shawl pattern. I think you should definitely try this pattern, which has a very different style. The sparse tassel details stand out at the ends of the shawl design. You can increase the number of these tassels.

Skull figures form the main theme of the paisley pattern. We also see that a very thin yarn is used in this pattern, which has plenty of gaps. This pattern, which you can use to have a more stylish and different look, will not keep you warm. You can change the color tones and you can also choose to use the colors of your own choice. For example, black and white will also be very suitable for this design. If you want to try the crochet skull halloween shawl pattern, you can click on the free pdf link below.

Crochet hook
Stitch marker