Crochet Oversized Bobble Cardigan Free Pattern (1)

Hello my dears, today I came to you with an oversize crochet suggestion. Today we will review the cardigan design. The bobble cardigan pattern that we will review today is entirely made using a vibrant red color. The details on the sleeves are particularly striking. You can find the materials in this pattern, which is made using a very thick yarn, in the materials section below.

I should also mention that using heart-shaped buttons is also a very good idea. Of course, the buttons used are large in size because our cardigan pattern is designed as oversize. It’s definitely not overdone and very stylish. By the way, if you find the red color tone ambitious, you are free to use the color tone you want. Please click on the link below to access the details of the oversized crochet bobble cardigan pattern.

11 balls of super bulky yarn
10mm crochet hook.