50+ Cool Crochet Hats Patterns Images For 2020


Hand knitted hats are very popular, they combine fashion and warmth. After making your own hat for the hook, you can not only save money, but also get a personalized gift to show your love and concern.

We have published many projects on crochet hats, we explained some newcomers: it’s so beautiful, but it’s too difficult to do it yourself! Someone asked: Where can I buy it? … Yes, sometimes I have problems too, because I’m new to crochet and I really like knitting hats.

Today, we dug this project, how to make a knitted hat for beginners? This is very very useful, a tutorial of the selection of threads, hook to get a full hat, there are a lot of details, including video. Great ~~ Please check the link for the Wikihow tutorial, with some simple instructions and a little time you will have a new hat for yourself or a friend to brag. .. enjoy the hook!




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