16 My Favorite Crochet Lovely Hats Patterns

#2 Dash and Lily Christmas Hat Pattern

Berets, one of the favorite accessories and items of cold weather, attract attention with their different colors and models. We have explained the step beret model, which can be easily made by even those who do not know how to knit, with the simplest explanation for you. You can knit the autumn beret, which is a step beret model, specifically for men and women. So, how to knit an easy step beret? Here are the answers …

In windy weather, some precautions are taken to protect your head and ears from the breeze. At the beginning of these, the most obvious and basic item is berets. Berets are preferred in the autumn season instead of being used only in the winter months. Knitting patterns will of course be among the models that will frequently appear in the showcases as the trend of the winter months. Berets, which are used to prevent disease or for accessory purposes, are an important item for your health as well as a combination with clothes. Knitted berets and scarves, which will make you want to buy even when they stand on mannequins, may be a little high in price as they will be popular models of the season. How to knit a practical step beret? How to knit a step beret in a practical and easy way? Here are the practical stages of step beret making …

Worsted Weight Yarn – You can use any two worsted weight yarns for this hat. For my Christmas version I used Lion Brand Basic Stitch Premium in colors Garnet and Ivy. You will need less than one skein of each color. For the Adult Size, you will need approximately 143 yards of each color or 286 yards total or about 65 grams of yarn for each color or 130 grams total. For the Child Size, you will need approximately 125 yards of each color or 250 yards total or about 57 grams of yarn for each color or 114 grams total.
8 mm Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle to Weave in Ends
85 mm Pom Pom Maker – I used a pom pom maker from Clover. You can also make your own using cardboard or buy a pre-made pom pom. You can make your pom larger or smaller by using a different size pom pom maker.

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