Coner to Coner Stripe Crochet Blanket Free Pattern (2)

How about checking out this beautiful blanket with a striped design from corner to corner? Even though they seem to have color tones that are completely unrelated to their vibrant colors, you realize that they are in harmony with each other as you examine them. Who would have thought that blue and orange colors could go together so well? However, if you wish, you can change these color tones according to your own liking.

Also noteworthy is that black yarn was used to frame both the perimeter of the strips and the entire perimeter of the blanket. This design, which resembles the colors used in jerseys, will definitely be a design that boys will like very much. If you like the coner to coner stripe blanket pattern and you want to try it, you can reach the details for free by clicking the link below.

RED HEART® “Super Saver®”: 4 Skeins 316 Soft White CA, 5 skeins 885 Delft Blue CB, 7 skeins 310 Monet Print CC.
Crochet Hook: 5 mm US H-8.