Kimono Crochet Easy Cardigan Pattern Free
Hello friends, today I shared your wonderful crochet cardigan pattern. The crochet cardigan pattern, inspired by Japanese culture, is easy to make step by step. The cardigan called kimono will be T-shaped when completed. It’s always a little different from the cardigan patterns we’re used to. The collar will be straight, with the arms at the same level. You can close the kimono cardigan with a button at the front. Since the cardigan knitting technique is different, read the designer’s notes first. Using pockets in a cardigan is not recommended because it is difficult. The cardigan will look very showy when the front is open. The front part will be short and the back part will be long. When you close the front of the cardigan easy crochet patterns, it will be equal to the back. If you like the kimono cardigan, don’t forget to share the pattern with your loved ones.