12 New Trend Winter Crochet Hats Patterns

#12 Peoli Hat Pattern

Unlike the hat patterns I shared before, today I share crochet hat models that blonde women can prefer. I have to pamper myself a little. Am I not right? :). First of all, I have to admit that I adore pompom hats as I said earlier on these types of hats. However, I find it really important that the butt is a little big. I cannot say that I would prefer a hat like in the 7th pattern. I find it more appropriate to prefer a flat hat instead. This should be a bit related to my age. As I got older, I started to find myself in more plain models 🙂

A textured hat made with beautiful Peoli yarn from India. The hat has a wonderful textured effect with a simple stitch pattern for which there is a tutorial linked.

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