45+ Awesome Knitting Crochet Bags Patterns Images


If I go to the market of my local market, I have to have a clean bag, because, you know, I have to show all this wonderful vegetable that I buy while I’m there. But also because it’s not just the chic of a supermarket, but also the mesh bags are surprisingly practical. More than you think (because yes, a bag of hundred holes does not cry immediately for practical reasons).

They fold, so you have to carry a huge purse with you. In fact, I usually wear one in each of my little bags for “just in case” moments. And if you look like me and do not have extraordinary organizational skills, they happen quite often!

Another thing, the love of these bags is being made. It’s one of those wonderful jobs you can do with your hands, not your head. It’s a good movie to watch or when you need something to keep your hands busy without having to focus. It does not matter if you drop the point here or there. They must not be perfect. In fact, in a world where the profession is centered on perfection, not on the process, it is really doing it yourself at low pressure, which is as interesting to do as it is to use!


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